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Flower Bird Feeder For Birds Garden Decoration Outdoor

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Product Description

  • 1. The integrated design makes the feeder extremely easy to fill and clean. By using peony flower geometry, we can prevent bees from taking over the feeder, which is more ideal for hummingbirds.
  • 2.3D feed inlet (such as flowers in real life)
  • 3. Different aspects (glistening in the sun, attracting hummingbirds like flowers)
  • 4. Unique filling system (just pour sugar and water to the correct level), no external measurement required
  • 5. Or if you want to fill it up with nectar jar, you can easily do external filling (just lift the lid and pour the nectar)
  • 6. Extremely tough metal material of the highest quality
  • 7. Heavy-duty structure, long service life (durability and toughness)
  • 8. Long metal branches can be easily inserted in the garden courtyard
  • 9. Dishwasher 
  • 10. The raised water inlet prevents rainwater from into the bowl
  • 11. Good at ornithological research (simulating real flowers)

1 x Hummingbird Feeder

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