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Bluey key holder. Bluey, Bingo, Bandiy and Chilli Family Keychain. Wooden key holder. Handmade.




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Product Description

Key holder inspired by the famous Australian cartoon series Bluey. The favorite of the little ones around the world.

4 keychains. Daddy Bandit, Mama Chilli, Big Sister Bluey and Little Sister Bingo.

Can you imagine it? Will it be the most beautiful thing at the entrance to your house? Or as a gift. They will love it!

Made with 3 layers of DM wood (MDF).

Size: 22cm x 20cm x 9cm

Includes wall anchoring system (holes to place the hooks). It is also recommended to stick with double-sided tape since it does not weigh much.

Avoid humidity. Wood does not like water.

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