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™ Solid Wood Picture Frame Painting Factory Provides DIY Picture Framed


Size: 30x40cm




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Product Description

Material: natural wood.
Size: select the same size (width * height) as the painting you selected
(make sure your painting has an additional 2.5-3cm border, and the canvas size
must be at least 5-6cm larger than the wooden frame size.)

Package Included

4x Wooden frame bars with glue tape

4x Ladder-shaped inserts

4x U-shaped pins

1 x Traceless hook kit


(please make sure your painting has an extra edge of 2.3 cm, I mean the size of canvas should be at least larger than the size of 4.6 cm wooden frame)

make ready:
5.Black hook and small screw
6.Tools: hammer, screwdriver

Step 1:
Turn over the painting and mark the position of the wood on the paint

with a pen.Please make sure that the corner of the wood surface and the

edge of the wood match the edge of the painting.(the inner frame must be

seamless) this is very important.

Step 2:
pleaseConfirm the location. Tear off the doublesided tape one by one.

Then make sure the angle of the painting stays between the angles of the

wood. Press the wood more neatly

Step 3:Insert the "U" nail into the corner of the wood.

Step 4:Insert the card board to hold the frame.

Step 5: lock the hook behind the frame

Step 6:Successfully completed


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